Energy to advance

Detroit S.A and MTU Onsite Energy in Chile are together the culmination of many years of experience in local and global energy solutions. Through precise and expert advice during execution of projects, we have helped to fully achieve the objectives of cost and reliability over time with our customers, in addition our after-sales service (service and spare parts) allows us to comply with customers requirements.

Our portfolio of generation equipments allows us to participate in all the applications of the generator set industry:

- Mining: backup plants for both island (continuous generation) and standby (island)

- Power generation plant: backup plants for Chile's interconnected systems

- Critical Mission: Datacenters, Hospitals, Industry

- Critical Mission: Datacenters, Hospitals, Industry

- Gas System:

  • - Natural gas
  • - Bio Gas
  • - Special Gases
  • - Cogeneration / all our gas generators have cogeneration systems

Represented Brand / MTU Onsite Energy

MTU Onsite Energy German brand of industrial engines, provides reliable solutions for your power generation needs. With low fuel consumption, extended maintenance intervals, low pollutant emissions and state-of-the-art technological development.

MTU Onsite Energy offers integral solutions, with powers in:


Diesel Gensets

Our Onsite Energy MTU Diesel Generators span a wide range of powers ranging from 275 Kva to 3,310 Kva for emergency, prime and continuous operation applications. MTU Onsite Energy is characterized by its high reliability and operating performance based on its high applied technology and manufacturing quality. Our range of generators is mainly composed of three plants, which implies great advantages such as reliability in the supply of spare parts, highly trained personnel and a world-class aftersales Support.