Automatic Transmissions

Detroit S.A. and it represented Brand Allison Transmission, offers their clients after-sales technical service support and spare parts sales for Allison automatic transmissions. Detroit S.A. is proud to be its oldest exclusive distributor.

Allison automatic transmissions are present in many applications, highlighting public transport, distribution and construction. Furthermore, there are other specific applications such as ports, forestry equipment, emergency vehicles (firefighters and ambulances) among others where the automatic transmission is and will be a solution.

Our specialized service in Allison automatic transmissions offers from in the field maintenance to full repair in our workshop, with no disregard if its earlier or current generation. We have with a modern and complete infrastructure that allows us to serve any requirements for your automatic transmission.

We count with a team with experience in transmission repair and in the field diagnostics, which make us an ally for your operation and in any point in Chile through our network of branches.


We carry out any type of repairs at our main workshop in Santiago. Our technicians are trained to perform all kind of operations on all transmission families with disregard of the application of the equipment. Our technicians are continually updating their skills with the latest Allison information, applying service bulletins and new special tools. All transmissions that are repaired at our workshop are tested with a specially acquired dynamometer so that each one satisfies the Allison Transmission standards and the quality and warranty of Detroit S.A.

In the Field Technical Service

Our technical service team is trained to perform diagnostics and in the field interventions when the client requires it. In a prudent time limit, they can travel in and out of Chile to diagnose your transmission.

Special Projects

We have the technical capability to carry out special projects such as transformations, transmission replacements, transmission updates, and replacement of mechanical gearboxes for an automatic transmission (process also known as regear).