The presence of Detroit S.A. in the mining activity is extended for more than 40 years. The excellence of the service has allowed the company to become a fundamental player in the sector. A significant percentage of mining material mobilized in the large deposits is transported in trucks equipped with MTU / DDC engines and have the permanent maintenance service of our company. This has been possible thanks to the recognition of the quality and safety of provided service, which has allowed the mining companies to comply with their production plans without any problems. Although in Chile most of the mining activity is developed in open pit, where the leadership achieved by Detroit S.A. is expressive of the high level of acceptance it has had in the sector, there is also a significant number of deposits operating in underground segment.    Aftersales:  The commitment to after-sales service through the organization in the country has national renown for its efficiency, speed and professionalism, as well as for the permanent contact with customers in the diffusion of the changes and improvements of the products to comply with the market´s demands.


MTU Friedrichshafen is the leading company in the Rolls-Royce Power System AG group, which is also one of the world's largest manufacturers of power generation systems, diesel engines and propulsion systems (complete unit) for all applications outside Road of the widest range of specific products for mining, industry, construction, gas and oil, forestry, agriculture, maritime trade, defense, etc.
In Chile, MTU is represented by Detroit S.A. which has an extensive network and coverage in our country, so as to provide the appropriate support to the different applications in which our clients rely on the development of their activities and businesses. To achieve this goal, Detroit S.A. Has branches and 24-hour service assistance every day of the year to ensure optimum operation of the engines in all operations where reliable power is demanded on an ongoing basis.


For power range less than (LPR) 560 kW, MTU provides the 1000 series of four-cylinder in-line and the 1300 series six-cylinder in-line engine. Based on Daimler engines, the 1000 to 1500 series were developed specifically for high-energy applications in the industrial, agricultural and construction sectors. They meet the requirements of the EU Stage IV and EPA Tier 4 emission standards thanks to exhaust gas recirculation and the SCR system. Engines with capacities from 100 to 460 kW are used in mobile cranes, dumpers, loaders, road construction machines, telescopic handlers and underground mining vehicles.

With these Series, MTU offers to equipment manufacturers (OEM´s) a robust and small package that can be integrated into the equipment easily thanks to the standardized mechanical and electronic interfaces. Mobile machinery manufacturers and end-users benefit from this reliable and economical solution: fuel consumption is significantly lower with longer engine life than predecessor engines, higher engine torque at low engine speeds and quick and easy maintenance. For markets with less stringent emission requirements, MTU offers its proven, reliable 900, 460 and 500 series at power ranges from 75 to 480 kW, as well as its renowned Detroit S-50 and S-60 engines power range from 250 hp up to 650 hp, finally 2000 series and 4000 series (760 up to 3650 hp).