The presence of Detroit S.A. in the mining activity is extended for more than 40 years. The excellence of the service has allowed the company to become a fundamental player in the sector. A significant percentage of mining material mobilized in the large deposits is transported in trucks equipped with MTU / DDC engines and have the permanent maintenance service of our company. This has been possible thanks to the recognition of the quality and safety of provided service, which has allowed the mining companies to comply with their production plans without any problems. Although in Chile most of the mining activity is developed in open pit, where the leadership achieved by Detroit S.A. is expressive of the high level of acceptance it has had in the sector, there is also a significant number of deposits operating in underground segment.    Aftersales:  The commitment to after-sales service through the organization in the country has national renown for its efficiency, speed and professionalism, as well as for the permanent contact with customers in the diffusion of the changes and improvements of the products to comply with the market´s demands.


MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH is part of the RRPS (Rolls Royce Power System) group, one of the world's leading providers of on-board monitoring and control electronics and propulsion systems. In the field of maritime transport, pleasure boats and naval applications in general, the company has established a long and successful track record which has resulted in thousands of engines operating throughout the world. Based on its reliability, characteristics of the product and the best technical service support, MTU represents the preferred choice for those users who demand high demands in their daily operation.

Through series 60, 2000, 396, 4000, 1163 and 8000 MTU engines offers power solutions ranging from 261KW to 10,000KW, being typical applications of defense ships (submarines, missile boats, frigates, rescue boats) , Tugboats, ferries and pleasure yachts, among others.

MTU through its network of distributors has highly specialized technical assistance that allows to provide the best maintenance and continuous working conditions 24 hours a day.
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