Automatic Transmissions

Detroit S.A. and it represented Brand Allison Transmission, offers their clients after-sales technical service support and spare parts sales for Allison automatic transmissions. Detroit S.A. is proud to be its oldest exclusive distributor.

Allison automatic transmissions are present in many applications, highlighting public transport, distribution and construction. Furthermore, there are other specific applications such as ports, forestry equipment, emergency vehicles (firefighters and ambulances) among others where the automatic transmission is and will be a solution.

Spare Parts

As the only and exclusive distributor of the brand in Chile, we have a broad range of genuine spare parts for maintenance and repairs of all families of transmissions and many applications. This allows us to offer the best service, guaranteeing that the spare part you are acquiring at any of our branches has the engineering, technology and quality that your transmission needs.
Among the range of spare parts available, Allison offers a line of remanufactured transmissions that go through a remanufacturing process under the same quality standards of a new product. These are offered at a convenient price and with a factory warranty.
Furthermore, one of our main attributes as an Allison distributor is that we handle the warranties, which translates in quicker processes so that your equipment never stops. Under the same concept, we are the ones in charge of all Allison campaigns.